How to extend LEATHER LIFE?
To resolve unpleasant odors, ventilate the end of the day.
Never wet or damp radiators, stoves, leave to dry in the sunlight, you can always dry at room temperature.
dried mud and dirt, clean it with a damp cloth.
Floors are made of. As feature makes polyurethane thermal insulation, anti-slip and abrasion-resistant. Acid, oil, detergent use in atmospheres containing chemicals such as.

Depending on the shape of the foot and gait is natural that the skin creases.
Care should be using its own color or natural paint and varnish.

Obtained with soap powder, brushed and washed.

Artificial leather slippers to resolve the pervasive smell of feet, the foot in contact with the locations frequently wipe with soap powder.
To buckles, flip-flops have been in contact with salt water, then rinse with plain water.


When buying, try to do both right and left-back someone.
Primer used in producing soft slippers, leather chemical additives used exclusively. Therefore, the skin color of the feet and socks may occur. Wear dark socks with flip-flops during periods of intense sweating uncoated.
Suede, flip-flops do not use in rainy weather.
The natural color of the skin in order to avoid fluctuations, using make sure that your feet are sweaty.
Top destinations in the water bore hole may slippers. Take care of this type of wearing their slippers in wet conditions.

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